Delivering Interactive - Effective Elearning Services

Stampsize works towards making a visible difference, and helps you build future here with us. 

We provide e-learning platform services to educational institutions and business enterprises to set new standards in e-Learning services across the globe and also we help them to meet the learning objectives and business goals respectively.

Our Clients

What we offer

We assist organisations of all combinations to prepare for the future and we delicately curate the content for  businesses, then organize and manage them. We then determine the management system and also help to develop and design the content precisely making sure the quality.

Research and Development

Our E-learning projects involve R&D based on the client’s need and target audience of the course as it is important to provide students, teachers and employees with the opportunity to simulate professional activities and apply theory to advance their careers.

Instructional Design

We have a team of experts who  help you  quantify the learning style and understand how to immerse an individual in their learning with top tips on how to deal with subject matter.

Micro and Macro Learning

We comprise a team  that helps with Macro learning which focuses on the holistic nature and is essential to student centered  learning and micro learning is the ability to chunk content into easily consumable learning moments at the time of need.

Design Philosophy

We advice on Fundamental points for making easy-to-use , pleasurable designs creating quality learning environments and experience with easily accessible information to obtain skills , and practice higher levels of thinking